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Brethren, the roll of the workmen has been called, and one Master Mason has not answered to his name. He has laid down the working tools of the Craft and with them he has left that mortal part for which he no longer has use. His labours  have taught him to divest his heart and conscience of the vices and superfluities of life, thereby fitting his mind as a living stone for that spiritual building, that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Strengthened in his labours here by faith in God, and confident of expectation of immortality, he has sought admission to the Grand Lodge above.

We appreciate that having to arrange a funeral is a distressing and emotional task.

Everyone has their own memories of their loved ones. A personal Order of Service, professionally designed and printed is one of the ways that family and friends can join in sharing those precious moments when it is time to say goodbye. We will design an order of service from your ideas or suggest one from our previously printed samples but personalised for you. We offer a number of options but as an example a Cross or similar on the front page or a picture of your loved one. This can include the dates of Initiation, Passing and Raising, the years of being Master, if applicable, and his achievements in the Craft and other Degrees and Orders.

We can print  “Prayer Cards” and  “Thank You Cards”  to complete your printed memorial. The Order of Service can include a picture of your loved one, either in colour or black and white at no extra cost. We provide a number of options from a single sheet card, folded card or a small booklet style with a card cover and 4 page insert. This can be increased to 8 or 12 page inserts.

A lovely range of formal and not so formal ideas for bespoke orders of service, beautifully printed on high quality paper and card, they will guide people through the service and can be a keepsake in memory of your loved one. We have a number of prayers and hymns that are usually requested for funerals as well as a number of poignant poems. We can of course reproduce any hymn etc that you wish for.

Below is a brief outline of our prices which are inclusive of artwork, scanning of a picture and printing. We will ensure that your order is processed quickly and ready in good time to avoid distress. Please enquire for other variants

Please feel free to contact us for advice or help, we are here to try to make this part of the funeral as pleasant as possible. We will always make time to discuss your requirements either on the phone or in person if you wish to call at our offices. We are here to help.

Funeral Order of Service

4 page A5. (A4 Folded) Card Printed in Full Colour or Black on 280 gsm Matt Card.

8 page Booklet  consists of 4 page A5. (2 A4’s Folded & Stitched) Card Printed Printed in Full Colour or Black on 280 gsm Matt Card plus a 4 page insert Printed in black on 160 gsm Matt Paper.


4 Page A5

Folded Card

Black Print

8 Page A5


Black Print

4 Page A5

Folded Card

Colour Print

8 Page A5


Colour Print
























































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